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Dr Laura Chisholm, DClinPsych, MSc, BScEcon


When might you benefit from psychological therapy? 

There are a number of reasons that draw people to psychological therapy. These can include, struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD (etc); a general feeling of being dissatisfied within your relationships; or a curiosity to learn more about yourself and the way you interact with the world around you. Life is a journey with an array of transitions and challenges, that can be influence our mental health and our relationships with others and ourselves, and it can be beneficial to take the time to make sense of them.


The therapy process encourages us to see ourselves as an active participant in our lives: we have the potential to create change, to foster a more positive focused and compassionate narrative about our experiences and strive for healthy meaningful life.

Too often these difficulties are accompanied by a sense of shame, which can often prevent us from asking for support. These symptoms are a warning sign, a signal that our current way of being is not allowing us to live the life that we want or to meet our potential. These difficulties are all part of the human experience, and it is in our vulnerability that we can connect with others. The therapeutic relationship is a space to better understand your suffering, to understand its origins and to bolster the many resilience’s and strengths you have in your daily life. 


Thanks for all your incredible insights, compassion and advice. You have really changed our lives for the better. I have lots of positive memories of my pregnancy and the first year of my sons life, I wouldn’t have had without you. I can’t thank you enough.


Laura has helped me to recognise my worth and empower me with tools to help me manage my anxiety when it happens.


Laura was excellent - completely committed to providing as much support as possible. It felt like she went above and beyond to help me get well.


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